A Certificate IV in Government Investigations is the benchmark for anyone in an investigative, regulatory, compliance, integrity or safety related role. Did you know, you can achieve this in six to eight weeks?*

*Of course, that depends largely on your commitment and the submission and marking of all the relevant assessments. Read more about our accelerated program in Government Investigations.

Do you need formal investigation training? 

The Australian Government Investigations Standard (AGIS) is the foundational standard for entities conducting investigations relating to the government programs and legislation they administer. It provides a principles-based framework that emphasises accountability, security, and quality outcomes for Australian Government entities and wholly-owned Australian Government companies.  

One of the critical prerequisites for government department investigators who conduct administrative, civil, or criminal investigations is to have the qualification of Certificate IV in Government Investigations. It’s a nationally accredited certificate that must be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The AGIS outlines the need for investigators to hold this qualification as part of the requirements for personnel. 

The Certificate IV in Government Investigations is a crucial qualification for government department investigators as it prepares them to conduct compliant, ethical, and effective investigations. The course provides training in the essential skills, knowledge, and competencies needed by investigators to manage risks while adhering to government policies, frameworks, and legislation.

The qualification covers a broad range of areas, including ethical conduct and responsibility, principles of investigation governance, information and evidence management, investigation practices, complying with quality assurance framework, managing inquiries and assessments, and working collaboratively with other government and non-government entities. It also looks at the key components of:  

  • Planning, conducting and finalising investigations 
  • Compiling briefs of evidence including elementisation 
  • Analysing evidence 
  • Interviewing witnesses, complainants and reporters 
  • Investigative interviewing  
  • Giving evidence in courts and tribunals 
  • Conducting search and seizure activities, including search warrants 

At PICA, we’re the specialists in delivering the Certificate IV Government Investigation. We have an innovative new way to complete your formal investigations training in as little as six weeks! 

Our new blended intensive program combines structured online learning with an intensive three-day in-house residential. You’ll complete a number of the units online, one day a week for a month. In between these weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to complete the relevant knowledge questions (short answer questions) and any practical activities (performance criteria). 

At the end of the four weeks, you’ll join a group of experts in a three-day intensive residential, where you’ll complete the following units:

PSPREG039 – Gather information through interviews

You’ll learn about the best practice ways to obtain information from witnesses, complainants and reporters. Essential communication skills will be taught and you’ll get to conduct real-life interviews to test your communication skills.

PSPREG035 – Produce formal record of interview

In this unit you’ll learn all about investigative interviewing and the PEACE Model. You’ll plan and conduct real interviews with subjects and receive essential feedback.

PSPREG038 – Give evidence

You’ll prepare and present evidence in a court/tribunal setting and get to test your confidence in giving evidence. You’ll also learn all about the required etiquette and skills and tactics used. 

The practical activities undertaken during the residential phase meet the requirements for your practical assessment (performance evidence) for the three units. 

At the end of the residential, you’ll have completed all the necessary requirements for the PSP40416 Certificate IV in Government Investigations

Enrol in our Certificate IV in Investigations Intensive, to secure your spot – today!

Ready to take the leap? This intensive course is not all plain sailing, and you’ll be tested along the way. You’ll also need to commit and spend time in the first four weeks completing the required assessment. But this way is a great way to accelerate your studies and gain your investigation qualification.

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