A few weeks ago we introduced a Certificate IV in Justice Studies to our range of specialist accredited programs. Here at the Professional Investigators College of Australasia, we’re all about providing career pathways for our students. We do this through our nationally accredited training programs and our extensive range of short courses.


A career in the Justice System can open up a whole new world, whether you’re a young student or someone looking for a new career. You may be driven by making a difference!


Recently a job role with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) was advertised. Here’s the link:




This particular role is for people who seek to work with police in general duties and criminal investigation. You’ll work alongside sworn cops, helping them with running investigations, preparing investigation plans, making enquiries, liaising with victims and witnesses and assisting with court preparation. Unlikely you’ll be “commando-rolling” through doors and arresting “perps,” but what an exciting and fulfilling role this would be.


Whilst not a mandatory qualification, the Certificate IV in Justice Studies would certainly look good and show that you have a good grasp of the legal system. The AFP say that you’ll need skills in:


  • Organising your work, making sound decisions and achieving outcomes
  • Communicating and working effectively with other people
  • Applying technical knowledge, expertise and skills


Of course, you’ll need to move to Canberra, which might be a bit of a weather shock in winter! It’s a beautiful city though, and this job is one that does not come up very often in Australia (they have had civilian investigators in UK police agencies for many years).


So what are you waiting for? 


And if it’s not the police you’re interested in, our Certificate IV in Justice Studies can give you the foundational knowledge to work in the areas of courts and justice, corrective services, Border Force, Child protection, domestic violence, probation and parole, community corrections and a range of justice-related areas.