COVID has left many feeling like a career change, a promotion, or even to pursue the sort of work they’ve always wanted. For many, thoughts of a job where they can serve the community, undertake different roles and move from the mundane – where everyday is different – is appealing. Everyone wants to be a cop, right? Well, at least for a minute.


Not bikies and criminals though, they typically aren’t interested in the Justice System.


But if a job in crime and justice  – whether that’s the police (state and federal), local government, prisons, border force and customs, youth justice, child protection, domestic violence, the courts or the hundreds of other job roles – is something that interests you, then our bespoke Certificate IV in Justice Studies can help you achieve your goals. And here at the Professional Investigators College of Australasia, we’re one of only five RTO’s in the country to offer this nationally accredited qualification.


Even people wanting to enter the legal field as a paralegal, or students doing law, forensics or criminology would benefit from this Justice Certificate.

Our Certificate IV in Justice Studies will teach you all about Australia’s legal system, social justice and compliance legislation, while developing your skills in communication, teamwork and policy. Whilst specialised training is something you’ll generally need for most roles (like the police academy) this certificate will give you the foundation skills to get you on your way. It’s well regarded as a good starting point for those wishing to undertake justice-related roles, in any sector.

Perhaps you want to look after and mentor young people going through the Justice System? Protect Australia’s borders from illegal immigration, drug cartels or biosecurity threats? Walk the beat as a uniformed police officer or investigate murders and fraud? Or work as an administrator in the magistrate’s court? This certificate is a fantastic starting point.

What you’ll learn will catapult you into the career you want, and be a grounding for further study in justice.


Certificate IV in Justice Studies
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