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  • Short Courses
    Learn Skip Tracing, Investigative Interviewing & Information Gathering skills online
    with Professional Investigators College of Australasia (PICA).

Skip Tracing Short Course

PICA’s Skip Tracing Fundamentals course introduces investigators to the basic concepts of locating people, locations and information using the internet and paid databases. It’s a great place to learn the basics of skip tracing and the tools that are used. BUY NOW.

Only $99!



Investigative Interviewing Short Course

Investigative Interviewing is a non-coercive method for interviewing respondents. This style of interviewing seeks to obtain valid, accurate and reliable information to clarify the facts and discover the truth. In this course you will find the tools to plan and deliver both ethical and effective interviews featuring the PEACE model of Interviewing. BUY NOW.

Only $149



Information Gathering Short Course

Information Gathering is an essential part of a successful investigation by obtain the maximum amount of information from a complainant and a witness. In this course you will discover, amongst other things, how to interview a vulnerable witness, be able to rely on an expert witness and gain an understanding of being able to sift through information gathered to know what is relevant and admissible in court. BUY NOW.

Only $149


Short Course Bundle

Out now! Short Online Courses covering Skip Tracing, Investigative Interviewing and Information Gathering. Available to all. No previous study required.
Get the Bundle today and SAVE $98!! BUY NOW.

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Whether you are an experienced investigator, newly certified, or an existing student, understanding how to apply modern investigation skills is critical to the success of any investigations that you will do. All these short courses are online with immediate access for completion. Perfect for the individual Private Investigator in Australia or from wherever you may be.  They are also brilliant training and delivery for professional development for a whole team within a workplace.  Pick one or all of them and add to your skill base with certificates of completion issued at the end of each course.