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Intensive Courses


Certificate III (Investigative Services) Intensive

Each year, PICA runs several in-house Private Investigator Academy courses throughout the country. These academies are face-to-face (and sometimes live streamed) and are intensive, allowing students to gain their nationally accredited CPP30619 Certificate III in Investigative Services quicker.

During the academy, you’ll learn from the best in the business, sharing their insights and knowledge about private investigation, the units in the certificate and about the industry in general. You’ll be provided with information, knowledge and skills outside of the learner’s guide. And outside of the strict criteria! We will also cover off everything you need to satisfy the requirements of the Certificate III.

Each intensive academy is just that; intensive. That means over 60 hours of classroom instruction and practical activities to accelerate your studies. Each of the 16 units are covered and students are given time to complete the knowledge evidence (questions). The academy also places an emphasis on the performance evidence required for each unit, where students work together to complete the practical tasks.


Surveillance Intensive

Our innovative academy also has two full days of surveillance practicals. During these days you’ll complete the practical requirements for:

  • CPPINV3033 Conduct covert surveillance
  • CPPINV3034 Organise and operate surveillance vehicle
  • CPPINV3035 Develop surveillance investigation reports

You’ll also get practical, real-world experience in surveillance; by foot, static, vehicle and mobile. That’s over 20 hours of practical experience!

You’ll undertake real surveillance using real subjects/targets, complete your surveillance logs and write your surveillance reports. You’ll make mistakes and learn from them!

For those just starting in the industry, or wanting a refresher, the surveillance intensive practical program is perfect as a stand-alone.


Why not join us at an upcoming intensive course? Click on the link to register your interest.

Note: Academy registration finishes one month before the intensive course. Get in quick!

Group 13


16-19 November ($2499)
20-21 November ($1990)
Together $3990 saving $500

Group 11


15-18 February ($2299)
19-20 February ($1990)
Together $3790 saving $500

Group 14


TBA June ($2499)
TBA June($1990)
Together $3990 saving $500

Group 12


15-18 February ($2299)
19-20 February ($1990)
Together $3790 saving $500



Matthew Butler

"Between the high dedication to communication and comprehensive in-depth units with good feedback, PICA has helped a lot in my development in and out of the course, and I heartily recommend it to anyone I know interested in studying Private Investigation."

Emma Goulston

"I always felt very supported throughout my studies and would highly recommend PICA for those who are wanting to obtain their Cert III in Investigative Services."

Derek O’Neil

"My Certificate arrived today and looks great! I’m one very happy person, the course was awesome!!!"

Ang Lawson

“I chose PICA above all other colleges to study with because of the attention to detail the admin staff gave me and nothing was a problem. My accessor gave positive feedback and assessed each work literally the same day. Constructive feedback was vital to get the best understanding of the course and this was brilliantly delivered. I would highly recommend PICA and know you will be in good hands to competently complete your course. If you are looking for the best people to study with you have found them.”

Safwan Kassim

“Cert. 3 in Investigative Services was such an interesting and engaging course. I had wanted to enrol in the course for a long time and I am happy I finally did. I learnt so much from locating a subject, the types of surveillance to writing reports. Plus, any time I was unsure or had trouble with something, I had the help of my tutor Paul, who was always super helpful. I feel more confident in investigative services and definitely recommend this course to whoever wants to start exploring in this field of work.”

John Butler

"I was apprehensive about doing a course online, but when I started the Certificate 3 in Investigative Services provided by Professional Investigators College of Australasia, I was met with great support and easy to understand student material. The course is structured in such a way that you incrementally gain knowledge to confidently move on to the next study modules. I highly recommend PICA training to anyone wanting to complete this course online."


“I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that supported me during the final days of securing my qualification. I did lose sight and faith in myself that I could actually finish. I appreciate everything you guys have done to support me to make sure I finished. I could not have done it without all of the support. Thanks again 🙂 I will do PICA proud with my new found knowledge in the area of my expertise that will benefit from the skills and knowledge I have accomplished. Cheers to you all and thanks again."

Luke. A

“I attended the intensive cert 3 course last year. I had been struggling with the solo study, but the 5 day course assisted me immensely. Within two months of attending the intensive course, I had completed my certificate. Thanks to the assistance it gave me, I am now certified as a private investigator. Paul and Greg made the course understandable with their hands on approach to the subjects. Assistance was easily sought and I cannot recommend this intensive course enough for anyone wanting to fast track their entry into the investigative industry.”

Raymond House

Licensed Private Investigator Queensland
"I found the course to be challenging and rewarding. The course content was update as to the state of the art of current professional investigative trade craft. All instructors were knowledgeable and available for guidance and consultation. The feedback was timely and helpful. The assignments were based on real world cases and provided the experience of finding solutions. Observational skills, critical thinking, research and writing skills were employed. A thorough knowledge of legal issues was emphasized. The importance of working with the client and other various professional partners added to all aspects of the assignments."



Will I complete all of the assessment requirements during the intensive?

It really depends. Many students also complete pre and post work assignments during that week, including study outside of the listed times. The intensive will give you a definite start and lead you on the way with your assessments.

What will I learn during the academy?

You’ll learn all the things you need to according to and more! Our trainers also give you practical and useful learning, case studies and lessons from the real world. You’ll also learn about some of the important stuff like essential communication skills, interviewing and writing effective reports.

Is there anything I should do prior to the course?

It would be most beneficial to complete the reading of the unit learner guides. If you really wanted to accelerate you could complete all the knowledge questions!

How long is each day of the academy?

Each day is ten (10) hours, from 8am to 6pm. The last two hours of each day is devoted to classroom assessment work (your trainers will be there to help you). You can do this in the class, at home or later… whatever suits you best!

Is the course catered?

You’ll be provided morning and afternoon tea, unlimited coffee and tea and water during the academy course. Lunch is to be provided at your own cost.

What if I can’t attend one day, or I’m sick?

We’ll video each of the trainer instruction sessions and you can get access to them after the course is complete.

Do I have to do the whole six days?

You’ll get most benefit by doing the entire six days if you are wanting to accelerate your studies. You can choose to only to the first four (4) days and complete all the subjects except the three surveillance modules.

Can I just complete the intensive two-day surveillance portion?

Yes, you can. Many students do this part of the course because of the highly practical component.

What will I learn in the surveillance intensive?

With over 20 hours of practical surveillance, you be involved in following targets/subjects on foot and in a vehicle. You’ll also conduct static/stationary surveillance and do a major exercise where you’ll combine all three!

Do I need any equipment for the surveillance intensive?

Great question! Yes, you’ll need a car (insurance requirements make it difficult for us to lend you a vehicle). You’ll need an appropriate cradle to record while you’re following in a car. You’ll also need a change of clothes, water bottle and some snacks.

Will I need a disguise?

No. Just be you.

What about other “spy” equipment?

Up to you really. There’s lots of gadgets out there and equipment you can

What if I don’t have a car?

You’ll need to borrow one or rent a vehicle. Be aware that renting a vehicle may have conditions on use that you’ll need to check.

Will I be following random people around? Where will I be going?

All of our role players have signed written permission to have surveillance conducted on them. Where you’ll go, when and by what means will depend!

What if I’m newly licensed? Can I do the surveillance intensive?

Yes you can. Not only will you learn more about surveillance theoretically, but you’ll get to experience the real thing. Lucky you; you won’t have to do the assessments!

Will I get a certificate?

We can organise a certificate of attendance for the surveillance intensive.

Will potential employers recognise the surveillance intensive as surveillance experience?

They may. One of the reasons we put this program together was to give participants actual experience with surveillance, rather than just classroom education.

Are there any limitations to participant numbers for the academy?

There is a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 36 students. For the surveillance intensive, each 12 student group will have two trainers and three role-players.

What happens is there are less than 12 students for a course?

There is a minimum of 12 students needed to schedule a course, one month out from commencement. If the quota is not reached, students will be transferred to a future course of their choosing. Don’t book travel or accommodation until the course if confirmed.

Will doing this course guarantee me a job?

We’re not sure of any course that guarantees this! A lot will depend on you and your drive following the course. We can certainly point you in the right direction However, we stand by our teaching and many of our students are sought out in the industry.

How can I find out more information?

Give us a call anytime on 1300 649 967 or email us at I We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.



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