Student life has been adapting to suit the needs and requirements of COVID-19.  The pandemic has affected many aspects of social, economic, and environmental norms.  Students have been forced to face a situation never seen before…. online classes.  Changes in routine and study methods are hard.   This blog sets out how, and how not to study for an online course, overcome barriers, and accomplish desirable results using strategies for success.

Now, what are the strategies for success when studying for online classes?  How do I apply them to my study?

Strategies vary from each person, as everyone develops different learning methods, some easier than others.  Focusing on the type of learning you respond best to will help you grasp your online course quicker and easier.

There are four different types of learners:  Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinesthetic.  Whatever method/s suit you personally, there are always many online media forms and varieties that suit the specific style you prefer, for example:

Visual Learners-

  • Videos
  • Flash cards
  • Colour Coordination/Association

Auditory Learners-

  • Podcasts
  • Discussions (Zoom etc.)
  • Reading out loud (Auditory memorisation)

Reading/ Writing Learners-

  • Rewrite phrases and information
  • Practise tests
  • Textbooks and informational essays

Kinesthetic Learners-

  • Fidget toys while studying
  • Interactive tools online (quizlet, etc.)
  • Real life practise at home

(Kinesthetic learning is a more difficult challenge while online, but there are strategies above that are achievable in a limited setting.)

The strategies provided above give achievable methods to overcome your barriers while studying online and help manage your online study the way you prefer to achieve success in your course.

Facing distractions and having a lack of motivation are a problem when studying online and will majorly affect the benefits of these strategies for success. To achieve optimal productivity, it is advised to eliminate distractions around you as much as possible (limited to electronic devices as online course require them), and create a regular study space to help you stay organised and create a routine.

These tips and tricks can help you achieve the goals you set, help you gain/retain important information, and learn easily in an online situation.

Here at the Professional Investigators College of Australasia, we are focused on your success in our courses, and the industry. We will help your development in different ways.  Here is our guideline to support your achievements:

  • Monthly forums, where you hear from a range of experts
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube platforms
  • A weekly jobs alert and industry update
  • Success coaches helping you achieve the goals you want and support you throughout your online courses.

Our signature e-book on time management gives you a comprehensive guide on managing your workload as a student.  If you would like a copy, please reach out and we will be happy to share!


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