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Conflicts of Interests and What YOU Need to Know

This week’s news story about the Northern Territory’s Chief Minister resigning because of a “conflict of interest” is hardly anything new. We see it all the time from various politicians and high ranking officials and CEO’s, usually after someone else exposes the issue.  So, it’s…

Performance, Trust and Leadership

What can Navy Seals and the All Blacks teach us about leadership? Most of us have heard the old saying, “hire for attitude, train for skill,” right? And still, most organisations have difficulty picking the “right” person to be in the team leader, supervisory and…

What do you do when someone’s abusing you?

Is someone calling you names? Perhaps being aggressive, loud or even intimidating? Or just pissed off and angry at you?  In one word… listen.  If you work in any client/customer facing role, being subject to angry and aggressive people is a hazard of the job….

Do your staff use Body Worn Cameras?

Body Worn Cameras (BWC) are increasingly being used by government and corporate organisations who have staff that are client-facing. In other words, personnel that deal with clients, customers, consumers, offenders… anyone really. It’s not uncommon now to see government staff wearing the cameras and now…

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