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Want to be a Cyber Investigator?

What is OSINT and why do you need it? Professional investigators have a range of tools, skills and resources available to better equip them in their jobs; whether that’s locating someone, investigating fraud, surveillance or interviewing, digital forensics… the list goes on. Most investigators also…

PICA – Interview with Oliver Lawrence

Watch Now – CEO of PICA, Gregory LAMEY, talks with international investigator Oliver LAWRENCE about everything investigation. Oliver talks about the stereotypical image of a PI and how different it is from reality. Also a previous police officer, he talked about the wide and varied…

PICA Forum Meeting

Watch Now as Greg Lamey and Paul Harmer speak with Paul Greene, an experienced Private Investigator. Paul Greene shares some of his knowledge and expertise in the investigative services field.   Forum: (Duration: 41:33 )  |  Direct Link:   Related Tag: Private Investigator Australia