Well, if you’re not in an investigative, compliance, integrity or safety related role, then you can stop reading! If you are, read on…


There are thousands of investigative roles in government at all levels; local state and federal. And probably just as many in private organisations like banks, resource companies and the like. Investigators must have a certain standard to be employed in these roles, but it may surprise that many departments don’t adhere.


Recently updated (2022), the Australian Government Investigations Standard (AGIS) is the foundational standard for entities conducting investigations relating to the government programs and legislation they administer. It provides a principles-based framework that emphasises accountability, security, and quality outcomes for Australian Government entities and wholly-owned Australian Government companies.


One of the critical prerequisites for government department investigators who conduct administrative, civil, or criminal investigations is to have the qualification of Certificate IV in Government Investigations. It’s a nationally accredited certificate that must be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The AGIS outlines the need for investigators to hold this qualification as part of the requirements for personnel.


The Certificate IV in Government Investigations is a crucial qualification for government department investigators as it prepares them to conduct compliant, ethical, and effective investigations. The course provides training in the essential skills, knowledge, and competencies needed by investigators to manage risks while adhering to government policies, frameworks, and legislation.


The qualification covers a broad range of areas, including ethical conduct and responsibility, principles of investigation governance, information and evidence management, investigation practices, complying with quality assurance framework, managing inquiries and assessments, and working collaboratively with other government and non-government entities. It also looks at the key components of:

  • Planning, conducting and finalising investigations
  • Compiling briefs of evidence (including elementisation)
  • Analysing evidence
  • Giving evidence in courts and tribunals
  • Conducting search and seizure activities, including search warrants


Ethics and responsibility are critical aspects of government investigations, and the Certificate IV in Government Investigations reflects this by placing a heavy emphasis on ethics and professionalism. The course ensures that government department investigators conduct their duties with fairness, equality, consistency, professionalism, and accountability. This emphasis on ethics and fair outcome is essential in ensuring public trust in the government entities’ investigations.


The Certificate IV in Government Investigations also provides training on investigation governance practices, which is critical in ensuring that investigations are well planned, executed, and monitored. It also provides guidance on conducting risk assessments and investigation planning to ensure the best use of resources and the attainment of quality outcomes.


Information and evidence management is an essential part of any investigation, and the Certificate IV in Government Investigations recognises this by providing training in information and evidence management protocols, investigating management systems, and information-sharing practices. The training covers the importance of disclosure management and maintaining secure and efficient systems that provide security and process assurance.


The ability to read legislation, analyse and apply case law and apply principles such as procedural fairness (natural justice) and the Briginshaw rule are keys features of the training.


At PICA, we’re the specialists in delivering the Certificate IV Government Investigation. Out team of experts have extensive investigative, management and training experience. And, we can design (contextualise) the training to suit your particular agency, or organisations. With a range of course delivery options, we can meet your needs and build the investigative capability of your investigation and compliance staff.


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